The Cost Of Appeasing The Gods That Are Our Toxic Parents

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Toxic-Parents-Family-Children-jpeg-640x480In our childhood, we have a huge problem. We idolise those who brought us into the world unconditionally. They are Gods to us and our source of supply for everything we need and wish. As children start to develop, they come to realise that the Gods who could do no wrong are just as flawed as anyone else, sometimes more so. We have nothing to compare them to until we have the reasoning skills needed to make a judgment. By that time, the damage has been done as mere mortal practices become evident.

There is no perfect parent or perfect parenting style and most parents rely on “learning by doing”. This generally means taking influence from their own childhood and the parenting style they were subjected to. Sometimes this works and sometimes not. However, some parents are just toxic and in these cases a child’s self-esteem does not stand a…

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