Emotional Honesty, Intimacy and Connection. The Key To Relationship Success

Dr Nicholas Jenner

recovery-relationships-680x458Relationship success is something that many of us strive for. Sometimes, this elusive “Holy Grail” escapes all but the very few. I have written here before about the Four Pillars of a functional relationship and how that is the basis if the relationship is to sustain itself long-term. While the four pillars of trust, honesty, respect and meeting needs are essential elements, they are not the only factors that go towards making a union function as well as it can. There are others. One could name communication and listening skills as very clear examples and yes, these are very important on a daily basis. Listening and communicating with your loved one are key. Top of some lists would be shared interests and values and rightly so. Every one asked the question “What makes a relationship successful?” would have a different opinion. Here is mine. As a therapist who has worked…

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