Narcissism: Why Would You Let Anyone Treat You Like That?

Dr Nicholas Jenner

shutterstock_273337208As a therapist and a person who deals in reality and common sense in my own life, it is hard to see some of the decisions that other people make in the name of love and devotion. What happens to the human brain that cannot see the plainly obvious in front of them? Where intelligent, common-sense people are stuck in relationships with people who are abusive, cheating, insulting and care very little for them! Even worse sometimes, they are openly manipulated emotionally, physically and financially in a process that leaves them devastated when it finally comes to an end. Even this is usually controlled by the narcissist who will leave only when it suits him/her and not before.

One case I am dealing with at present is a very good example of this (permission granted to use details with name changed).

In sessions, Joy talks hopefully about the time when…

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