Life After Narcissism: Further Toxic Or Nourishing? It Is Your Choice!

Dr Nicholas Jenner

how-to-stop-second-guessing-yourself-after-narcissistic-abuse-mattdfox-1030x567What next when your worst nightmare is over? Many codependents who manage to extract themselves from toxic or narcissistic relationships are often left with this question. Initially, the big danger is that they end up in another toxic relationship similar to the last. This is the only type of relationship they know and they gravitate towards it, always hoping that this one will be different. Invariably, it never is and the cycle continues. In my work in this area, the first stage is actually leaving an obviously toxic, abusive relationship and the second is to ensure it never happens again by working on the issues that caused the issues. Some just have no idea what a nourishing relationship might look like and wouldn’t recognise it if it presented itself. Many make the statement that they never want a relationship again. However, what they are really saying is they don’t want…

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