Parental Alienation: A Call For Action

Dr Nicholas Jenner

2018-05-24-Parental-AlienationIn an ideal world, there would be no divorce or separation and children would grow up in healthy, happy homes with two loving parents who loved each other and them. Reality tells us that while this sometimes happens, many times it doesn’t and marriages and relationships fail. Children placed in these situations should not only be protected but have a right to a relationship with both parents. Courts generally see it that way (rightly so) and they do their best to ensure that the child’s interests are secured. However, as we know, it doesn’t always go to plan and one parent (or both) will allow their feelings about the other to spill over into parental alienation, sometimes obsessively and in a very destructive manner. There are many heartbreaking stories out there of loving parents who truly want a relationship with their child and have finally given up, mainly due the…

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