Despite Our Best Efforts To Grow Up, Our Child-like Self Never Really Leaves Us

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Signs-Aggressive-ChildAny parent will testify the range of emotions associated with bringing up a child. Joy, heartache, worry among others are part and parcel of the package. What parents do while bringing up their child(ren), will have a marked effect on how the child develops a sense of his/herself and how they relate to the world and the people around them. Many studies suggest that our adult personality is largely formed in our early formative years  and is thought to be set at a certain point in infancy. While such studies are sometimes disputed, it can be observed in therapeutic situations that behaviour learnt early in life is also exhibited later (this is not always negative either). It makes sense that we would carry certain aspects of our early selves forward.

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There is no perfect parent and everyone will make mistakes along…

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