Confirmatory Bias: The Killer Of Self-Esteem

Dr Nicholas Jenner

01-07-2012It always amazes me how talented and intelligent people spend a lot of their time trying to convince themselves that they are the opposite. This is not to mention the amount of people who obsess about body issues and how they think they look and other people perceive them. In a process called confirmatory bias, evidence is collected to prove that these global labels need to be believed. It is in doing so that we intentionally forget to listen to any input or positive aspects that could bring about a balanced view.

People with healthy self-esteem can recognise and maintain this balanced view of themselves and the abilities, accept what they cannot change and work on the things they can. People with low self-esteem concentrate only on the negative aspects of their character and personality and what they cannot do. Confirmatory bias consolidates this thinking by keeping the mind concentrated…

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