Online Therapy for Codependency: A Testimonial

Dr Nicholas Jenner

imageEver since I started doing therapy online in 2011, I have dealt with many different disorders. Early on, it was a transitional phase moving from office to online but it quickly moved on. In my office based practice, I dealt with a lot of codependent clients and this has increasingly been the case since 2011. I have developed my own method of dealing with this and it conveys itself to an online medium easily.

Codependents tend to be resistant to making the changes needed to move away from their typical behaviour. They are often “hooked” into a relationship that on the surface seems (to everyone else) toxic (and usually is) but they cannot escape. This calls for a program that will help them move away from such a situation safely and also to work on the issues that got them into that situation in the first place. I use a…

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