Silent Treatment: A Nemesis For Codependency And Generally Indefensible

Dr Nicholas Jenner

couple-silenceYesterday, I read an article by a “life coach” who said that silent treatment was justified mostly because your partner “probably deserved it”. I read on hoping that the article would clarify this by looking at “time-outs” and drawing a clear distinction or that she might be referring to “no-contact”, a clear strategy when dealing with abuse or narcissism. I was, however, disappointed and the line continued that giving your partner “the cold shoulder” after conflict is fully justified. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, one can only hope this “coach” is not dealing with anyone trying to deal with conflict in a serious manner. Let me make it clear, silent treatment can never be justified and adds absolutely nothing to the process of conflict management in a relationship. It is passive-aggressive, emotional abuse of the highest order and no-one has the right to administer such punishment without consequence.

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