In Defence Of The “Marriage Reboot”

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Couple-in-love-riding-a-motorbike-Handsome-guy-and-young-sexy-woman-travel-.-Young-riders-enjoying-themselves-on-trip.-Adventure-and-vacations-conceptWhen it comes to computers, it has always amazed me that the majority of issues can be solved by switching the machine off and restarting it. It is one of the mysteries of our time and one that I personally find the most effective default method of fixing anything of a technological nature. The same can be applied to a marriage or a relationship where “rebooting” it after issues can be an effective measure in bringing it back on track. However, just with a computer, a reboot will not always work, there might be different or deeper issues and there might be issues that you hadn’t thought about or appear later.

Many people might struggle to understand the term “marriage reboot” in this form and would probably relate more to another term, the “trial separation”, a very negative sounding phrase. The naming of the process is less important than the…

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