In 2019, The Choices You Consciously Make Will Be The Difference

Dr Nicholas Jenner

choice+I recently had a deep and rather philosophical conversation with a client concerning how much we can truly exercise free will in our lives. Him, going through a difficult period in his life, preferred to believe that we have limited free will and most things that happen to us were predetermined in some shape or form. I, on the other hand, talked about our species being the only one with an ability to exercise any free will at all. I guess no-one truly knows if we have true free will or how much our subconscious plays a role. I do know that any choice we make, consciously or not, carries a consequence that we can either enjoy or have to deal with. It is how we deal with these consequences or indeed, if we are willing to face them, that determines how we navigate our way through life.

Like my…

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