What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Partner

Dr Nicholas Jenner

love-wallpaper-1Every morning I make my wife coffee and take it to her in bed. I am an early riser and when she wakes up, I take it to her, she appreciates it and I like doing it . It is one of the rituals we have in our relationship that have just developed as time as gone on. There are others too which go to making up the “routine” that we live by. These small things, done well,  are very important in building a basis for a sustainable relationship and need to be nurtured. They generally develop as time goes on and the relationship becomes established and the couple start to feel more comfortable with each other. However, there is a fine line between rituals, being taken for granted and the relationship becoming stale.

One thing is for certain, the new year will bring change to a lot of people…

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