Codependency: The Black And White Quest For Lost Connection.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

carrying-weight-2Imagine deciding to walk from one town to another while carrying a two hundred pound weight? Then, when you finally shed the weight, someone comes along with something even heavier or more difficult to carry or you give up completely and decide to go home? You would be left with a choice where neither scenario is really what you truly want but the alternative would be to stand in the middle of the road, stuck and not knowing what to do.

This rather sad scenario can be applied to the constant quest that many codependents venture on in search of true love and connection with another person. Specifically, they will end up carrying the weight of a dysfunctional relationship, putting in all the effort and often getting very little in return or they will become stuck not knowing how to move forward or in some cases, not willing. Often, after…

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