Codependency: What Is A Good Parent?

Dr Nicholas Jenner

So where do parents get it
wrong? Most parents fail to learn from their own childhood and carry forward
dysfunction allowing their own children to carry their baggage. I refuse to
believe that anyone who is faced with being a parent cannot learn good
parenting skills with positive discipline and connection at the core of
parenting. These factors for me are the most important in child rearing and of
course, take the most effort. This is, for me why it doesn’t happen as much as
it should. Let’s look at these factors individually:

  1. What is a good parent? There would be many interpretations of this question and every parent would have a different opinion. Some would see providing financially and for education as important, others instilling values and principles. Some adopt a disciplinarian approach, and some are permissive. In my opinion, a good parent is one who understands their child…

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