Codependency: Why No Contact After Narcissist Abuse Is Essential But It’s Not As Simple As It Sounds

Dr Nicholas Jenner

It is common advice when recovering from narcissist abuse to go “no-contact” or more simply put, cut the person completely out of your life and block any possibility they have to get back in touch. There are many websites proclaiming “no-contact” as the main weapon against the temptation to get back with an abusive ex. Many of these are run by women that have been abused by narcissists and they are either in recovery or have recovered. All good stuff and much of the advice is practical and spot-on. If a person you are in a relationship with abuses you, you have to leave and cut them out of your life, simple.

In my research, I alarmingly also come across various “player”, “pick-up artist” and “back with the ex” (hosted by men) websites that advocate manipulating women by intentionally going no-contact to create a desire for contact. This of course…

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