After Narcissist Brainwashing, Breaking The Fantasy Is Essential

Dr Nicholas Jenner

I am an avid watcher of the many well-produced documentaries on Netflix. They cover a wide range of topics from unsolved crimes through the working of the drugs trade. I find most fascinating the ones that deal with some form of psychological subject and how the mind works. Just recently, there has been a series of documentaries about cults, sects and brainwashing, everything from individual stories of manipulation, stalking through to the more famous recollections of Scientology, Manson and the Davidians in Waco Texas, led by David Koresh. It always amazes me how easily people can be manipulated psychologically to believe and do things that these monsters tell them to do. I drew a slight comparison with some of these stories and the subjects I deal with on a daily basis.

” I need validation from him and him alone, no-one else matters; He never gives me it but I…

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