After Narcissist Abuse: Avoiding The Gaslighting That Will Certainly Come

Dr Nicholas Jenner

The time has finally come. Your friendly neighbourhood narcissist has decided to ship out and move on to his next victim. The disappointment, guilt and feelings of being abused hurt and will take some time to get over but with him gone, it will certainly get slowly easier. However, the choice whether it is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning lies firmly with the codependent and it can become very complicated if children are involved

If you had the misfortune to marry someone with narcissist tendencies, you will know that living with them can be an awful experience. However, once you have found the courage to divorce or separate from them, then the awful experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. For codependents who are not used to setting boundaries and are still tuned into meeting their abusers needs, it can be hell on earth…

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