How Codependency Can Make You Sick

Dr Nicholas Jenner

I believe firmly that it is only a matter of time before codependency becomes a recognised disorder. As discussed many times by this author, I have been challenged on occasions to prove that codependency truly exists and is not just a symptom of another disorder. The many clients I have who show similar debilitating symptoms that are associated with enmeshment and the typical childhood scenario that fosters this are testimony to the devastating effects of codependency. The fact is that many, many people suffer from this thing called codependency or the “love addiction” and that cannot be disputed.

Far from being a symptom of another disorder, we can look at this issue from another angle. Many codependents will develop other issues as a direct result of their codependency. In the never ending quest for connection with a string of partners who are mostly emotionally distant, a myriad of other complaints…

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