Codependency: From Co To Counter

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Due to their lack of self-esteem and the inability to self-care, codependents become enmeshed with others easily. They work on the idea that all the while they are like this, they do not have to face their own acute issues. They seek their validation from outside and react badly when this is not forthcoming in terms of “return” for their sacrifice. This could be in the form of the “drama triangle“, a concept that plagues the behaviour of codependents. This states that codependents try to fix, become angry when it doesn’t work and then rely on victimhood and distance to force return, starting the cycle again. In my experience, this can potentially happen as much as several times an hour, day or week. As these “tactics” are used on people who are mostly emotionally distant, the endless quest for connection continues.

However, sometimes when codependents have had “enough”…

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