The Lengths That Some Will Go To Keep Their Partner Happy

Dr Nicholas Jenner

There is a storyline that runs in the well-known tv series Breaking Bad when one of the main characters rents a house from a woman who he develops a relationship with. As he is an addict, she also falls into the same addiction “because she loves him”. In the end this “love” proves her downfall as her “normal” life descends into addiction hell.

While these are fictional characters, they mirror somewhat real-life situations I have seen, especially where codependents are concerned. I have heard stories of (usually) women who have it all together, have great jobs, ambition, a good circle of good friends and are financially independent have all this taken away when they meet a partner who targeted them for just that status. Many of these men are addicts, narcissists and their sole aim is to strip their partner of anything that they find useful.

Within a period of…

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