Dealing With Internal Conflict: A Case Study Part 2: Leadership And Action

Dr Nicholas Jenner

cc8a120df8f42c5706281979c0b533aeWhat is the point of therapy unless there is a clear measurable goal? A question I have often asked myself and one that I am sure many people who seek therapy ask themselves too. There are many therapeutic approaches that are non-directional, that is the aim is not to direct proceedings but to facilitate change through realization and transference. This is fine and in the right situation with the right client, all is well. However, my clients are generally looking for results, structure and an end game. They are also looking for me to use my skills and experience to help them help themselves. We are companions on the same journey, learning from and helping each other. When needed, I have no issue with direction and using methods akin more to the coaching world. However, there are limits to this. It is not my therapy and it is not my…

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