Introducing A New Season Of Podcasts: Use Your Internal Family To Move Forward

Dr Nicholas Jenner

The best way to example the upcoming podcasts is with a personal anecdote. This example, I believe, highlights perfectly the internal struggle we all have daily when triggered, when overwhelmed, when ruminating and when trying to make a decision about our lives.

I was about ten years old when I remember being with my siblings in the garden. We were playing with the children in the neighbourhood and it was a fun day. Suddenly, my father appeared and scolded me for something he assumed I had done (in front of the others). I withdrew, angrily to the steps of a treehouse with my thoughts, feeling humiliated and hateful. I disliked my friends because they continued their fun.

“I hate my father, he hates me”, “I should run away”, “Why am I so bad, this always happens to me”, ” You should keep quiet, you are always in trouble”, ” You…

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