“Why did I create The Free From Codependency Community? Solely, because I understand the loneliness and fear that is associated with being a codependent. I have helped many codependents find their own way and the real them for over 15 years. I have also worked through my own codependent issues and I firmly believe that unless you are codependent, you cannot begin to understand it or deal with it. I believe it is important for codependents to share their stories with others who understand what they go through on a daily basis. This community gives you that chance and my hope is that this group becomes a platform of support and sharing for codependents seeking recovery all over the world. Recovery is a journey and sometimes you need other people to help you along the road by sharing common experiences. I will also be there to help you along  that road. Join me now to discuss all things codependency in the Free From Codependency Community.” (Dr Nicholas Jenner)