Group Therapy Schedule 2022

It’s that time again! I am pleased to announce the programme and schedule for Group Therapy with Dr Nicholas Jenner 2022. This year, I will be expanding the programme to cover more subjects. There will be groups for codependency, dealing with toxic shame, increasing self-esteem and mindful communication for couples.

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The Process Of Letting Go Is Difficult For Codependents

Break-ups can be nasty experiences and we all go through them. The best case scenario is that a couple can mutually agree to separate and logically work through that process. However, the presence of emotion and sometimes extreme emotion, makes that seemingly simple process extremely difficult.

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Top 3 Posts Of 2021!

Free From Codependency is devoted to educating readers about all aspects of codependent recovery, including the underlying causes and symptoms of the condition. It is a service that I am pleased to provide. At this time of year, I like to take a look back at the blog to see what topics people were actually interested in while they were reading it. Given the complexities of the issue, it is not unexpected that some of the most in-depth facets of codependency were the most popular. The top three most popular posts from the year 2021 have been reproduced here for your reading pleasure…

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