An Honest Update On My Path To Freedom

I’ve done an excellent job of explaining how things work to others, but I’ve done a poor job of following my own advice at times. With my self-disclosure, I’m hoping that it may be able to assist or encourage others who are going through similar situations.

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Relationships: Change Will Always Happen

Change is never easy but we face it every day. For some it is a terrifying experience, for others an opportunity. We all, see it, feel it and deal with in in different ways. How we see it, feel it and deal with it will generally determine how difficult it will be. I have written plenty on this site about how self esteem plays a role in dealing with change and decision making in general. I have even put together a challenge to help anyone to deal with moving through the process.

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Group Therapy Schedule 2022

It’s that time again! I am pleased to announce the programme and schedule for Group Therapy with Dr Nicholas Jenner 2022. This year, I will be expanding the programme to cover more subjects. There will be groups for codependency, dealing with toxic shame, increasing self-esteem and mindful communication for couples.

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