I have always been open with my struggles around codependency. I have tried to use my journey as an inspiration for others who find themselves in the same situation, fearing that void of being alone or facing major decisions in their lives, some of which are imposed on them. While many academics, psychiatrists and indeed therapists, doubt its existence, I am living proof that it can have a major effect on a life filled with external focus. I have many clients who are exactly the same. I have been on a long journey but feel I am now at a point where I manage it well.

Managing is the word as I believe we are, as codependents, only one thought or relationship away from relapse. It takes initial awareness followed by courageous action to pull through and we all have that in us. In this podcast, I share my journey of navigating and growing through codependency in my relationships. This exploration is aimed at illuminating the subtle, often unseen patterns of my codependent behavior, particularly as they appear within the Drama Triangle – a framework for understanding social interactions and conflict.

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