Dr Nicholas Jenner Psy.D

Licensed Counseling Psychotherapist

Codependency is the major issue of our times. It is debilitating, changes our view of the world and has its roots deep in our childhood. Dr Nicholas Jenner has been dealing effectively with codependents for over 15 years. During this time, using refined and practiced integrative methodology, he has changed the lives of many people. Dr Jenner’s method targets codependency from the root, where it all started, to where the symptoms of codependency are usually seen in relationships and individual behavior. The end goal is to teach responsibility, independence and healthy self-esteem. Additionally, emphasis is placed on values and how functional relationships work.

Dr. Nicholas Jenner is a counseling psychotherapist in online private practice working with individuals, couples and groups, dealing with codependency issues, severe depression, bipolar, personality disorders, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

He has been practicing online for many years and recognized early that online therapy was a convenient method for people to meet their therapist. Working outside the box, he goes that extra mile to make sure clients have access to help between sessions, something that is greatly appreciated. He also gives part of his spare time up to mentor psychology students in a university setting.

For a selection of articles on other mental health issues such as depression, parenting, couples therapy, and stress management, written exclusively by Dr Jenner, please visit the primary blog and download the free Android app or iOS app.