Dr Jenner has always seen reading as an effective way of backing up what happens in therapy and he often recommends a book for background knowledge. The concept of reading as a way to help to facilitate the healing process and meet therapeutic goals is a common strategy he uses. Books help to deepen knowledge and to bring a sense of understanding, essentiel when trying to recover from codependency. Here is a list of some of Dr Jenner’s favorites that he believes are the most influential in the mental health field. They are not just any book but ones that he knows, through using them with clients, to be effective. The list will be continually updated and his personal choice could change in time.

Please note that this selection is Dr Jenner’s personal choice and he receives no financial gain from these recommendations.

Breaking Free Of The Co-dependency Trap

By Barry K. Weinhold And Janae B. Weinhold

This is my personal favourite book on codependency. While other more well-known books on the subject are found more often on bookshelves, this book really does get to the core of the issue, starting where it all began in childhood. The author skillfully adapts well-known developmental models to example how codependency starts and maintains itself into adulthood. Additional to this, the book finishes with tips on improving intimacy, setting boundaries and healing the inner child. A must read!

The Inner Child Workbook

By Cathryn L. Taylor

My book of choice when working with clients and inner child therapy. Not only does it get to the root of the issue, it follows the inner child through various stages of development, an essential process. Following the book through delves deeply into a past that seemingly won’t go away. The exercises are challenging and reflective. A-must-read!